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Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog: The Complete Story

If your dog has liver disease, it can make you feel really sad. Liver disease in dogs is often very bad, and there aren’t many ways to fix it. But there’s a book that can give you hope. It’s called “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog: The Complete Story.”

This book is about a dog named Norman who got liver disease when he was 10 1/2. The doctors said he would only live for one more month, and there was no way to help him. But Norman’s owner, Cyndi Smasal, didn’t give up. She tried everything because she had nothing to lose. She wrote this book to help other people who have dogs with liver disease.

Norman ended up living for 2 more years because of the things Cyndi did. This book has many details about what she did and why it worked. There’s also a Quick Start guide so you can start helping your dog right away.

This book has helped lots of other dogs and their owners. The treatment isn’t hard to understand, and Cyndi explains it simply. 5 recipes for food are good for the liver. And you can learn how to change the diet to fit your dog’s needs.

Don’t keep searching for answers. This book can teach you what to know to save your dog from liver disease. It’s easy to read and can give you hope when you feel like there’s none.